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please help how to paraprhase the paradise lost

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    In order to learn, you need to do the work yourself. We will be glad to respond to your work.

    Thanks for asking.

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    Rewrite it in modern English words that are easier to understand. The paraphrased version does not have to be a poem.

    It is a huge poem, as you probably know. It is ten "books" long with several hundred lines per book. I doubt is they expect to to paraphrase the whole thing.

    This online verios has hypertext links to footnotes to help you understand:

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    If you can find this in a library, it may help you:

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    Map of Wazir Akbar Khan district of Kabul – create a map with three-dimensional aspects that includes (but not limited to) Amir’s home, Ali’s quarters, Ghargha Lake, the cemetery (pomegranate tree), bazaar, Cinema Zainab, Kabul River, bus station, kite maker’s shop, and Amir’s school.

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