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Determine whether the function is one-to-one. If it is, find itd inverse.

f(x)= 3x+4 over 5

  • Math -

    For every x there is an f(x).
    For every f(x) (which I'll call y) ther is an x.
    y = (3x +4)/5
    5y = 3x + 4
    x = (5y -4)/3

    The inverse function is
    f^(-1)(x) = (5x-4)/3

  • Math(Please help) -

    Use the functions f(x)=1/8x-3 and
    g(x)=x^3 to find the indicated value or function.

    (g^-1 X f^-1)(-3)

  • Math (Dan) -

    Please post this separately.

    Looks like you already did. It is answered eleswhere

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