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Social Studies/Missouri Facts

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Could you also check these thanks. Could I get a letter grade I'm in 9th grade

1. Who is the Governor of the State of Missouri?
Answer: Jay Nixon

2. Name the two major cities in Missouri.
Answer: St. Louis and Kansas City

3. Where is the capital of Missouri?
Answer: Jefferson City

4. What is the state bird?
Answer: Bluebird

5. What is the state tree?
Answer: Dogwood

6. What is the climate of Missouri?
Answer: Continental, susceptible to cod canadian air, moist, warm, gulf air and drier southwest air.

7. What are the 4 chief industries in Missouri?
Answer: Agriculture, manufacturing, aero space, and tourism

8. Where is the center of the State of Missouri?
Answer: Miller, 20 mi southwest of Jefferson City

9. What is the state flower?
Answer: Hawthorn

10. When did the state of Missouri get admitted in the Union (United States?)
Answer: August 10, 1821

11. What is the Missouri State MOTTO?
Answer: "The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law."

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    I didn't check all of these -- but I'm sure they are right.

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