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this is what i have. please add more. i'm adding detail by detail which is taking me very long, please just tell me the MAJOR territorial advances that i should add
Describe the major territorial advances made by the United States in the 19th Century.

Ohio, along with other states had been admitted by 1803 as a new state. President Thomas Jefferson purchased Louisiana from France. These additions doubled the size of the new nation. Jefferson obtained the outlet of the Mississippi River. In 1812, Louisiana became a state. A Second war with Great Britian began. In this war, Washiington had been burned. The war ended in 1815. The states of Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri were admitted to the Union. 3 of these were slave states and 3 were free states. This maintained an equal number of slave states and free states in the Senate. Under the Missouri Compromise of 1820, future slavery was prohibited north of the southern boundary of Missouri. In 1818 the 49th parallel was agreed upon with Britian as the border west to the Rocky Mountains. Spain held the states to the west and south of the new nation. In the treaty of 1819, Spain agreed to the 42nd parallel as a limit to Northern expansion. By 1824 all the Latin American states were independant. Texas was colonized in 1821.

also tell me the extra info in this that i should take out!

  • U.S.History -

    Do you need to mention the war of 1812?

    What was included in the Louisiana Territory?

    Whether states were admitted as slave or free is not relevant to your question.

    What were the Latin American states?

    What was the later status of Texas?

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