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someone answered this a while back, i just want to know if its correct

What happened at the Massacre at Wounded Knee?
a. American soldiers killed more than 200 unarmed Sioux
b. General Custer's cavalry was completetly wiped out
c. the Nez Perce fought for pocession of their homeland
d. The last buffalo of the Great Plains was completely wiped out


this one i think is C:
The American Federatin of Labor organized
a. farmers, factory workers, and white-collar workers
b. railway and construction workers
c. only skilled workers
d. women and children

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    Yes. Both are right.

    But it wasn't necessary to post this again. We tutors usually read all posts and their answers -- and make any corrections when necessary.

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    yes, mainly in the crafts at first

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    ok. thanks for letting me know that.
    i just thought because it wasn't a tutor who answered it , i wasn't sure..
    thanks again

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