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i cant find this in my book. i've probably read about it but i don't remember

In the 1890s, immigration patters shifted dramatically, with most immigrants now coming from
a. northern European countries
b. southern and eastern European countries
c. Mexico and Central America
d. China and Japan

i cant even make a guess

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    It depends upon whether you're asking about before or after 1895.

    Check this article.

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    the question doesnt say before or after

    would it be A?

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    Prior to 1890, 82% of immigrants came from north and western Europe. From 1891 to 1920, that number dropped to 25%, with a rise in immigrants from East, Central, and South Europe summing up to 64%.

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    I don't think northern Europeans represented a dramatic shift in immigration. After all, northern Europeans, especially from the British Isles, Germany and Scandinavia had been immigrating here since 1600.

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    so B

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    Hey look, you can figure this out. You read about all those Irish and German troops in the Civil War and then the Polish and Italian workers in the factories 30 years later.

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    Yes. It's B.

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