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What is generalization? What words signal generalization and what words do not signal generalization?

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    Generalization is a foundational element of logic and human reasoning. Generalization posits the existence of a domain or set of elements, as well as one or more common characteristics shared by those elements. As such, it is the essential basis of all valid deductive inference. The process of verification is necessary to determine whether a generalization holds true for any given situation.
    Hope this helped!

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    MC needs to learn to cite the sources from which she copies and pastes.

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    I can't because I'm not allowed to post links
    However I should've mentioned that I used wikipedia. My bad...will try to remember next time!
    BTW>how did you know that I'm a she? Just wondering -.-

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    I have no clue -- just remembering comments from earlier posts, I guess!

    Yes, please remember to give your sources, even if you can't post a link.


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