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when did bad behavior be considered the cool thing to do? is there like a history of bad behavior being the right thing to do to be accepted into society?

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    That depends upon how you define "bad behavior" and which society accepts this behavior.

    We call our forefathers who threw tea into Boston Harbor patriots. The British called them criminal.

    Civil rights workers of the 1960s were called criminal by many people, especially in the South. For many of us today, they were heroes.

    What about runaway slaves?

    What about William Ayers' activities in the 60s?

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    If, on the other hand, you are talking about general everyday rudeness, then I would generally say that the parents of the 80's were far more "lenient". They felt that their children should not have to face being told "no". As a result the children grew up not respecting others. I can very well remember a senior I had who was extremely capable, but who didn't want to do anything. I had monthly discussions the parents. At the end of the year the student had failed English. The parents came in and begged me to at least "give" a D. With pressure from the principal, I did..... the student flunked freshman year. Someone finally said "NO".

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