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hi i really need help on how to solve these two problems, thank you so much!!!

the manager of a local bank observes how long it takes a customer to complete his transactions at the automatic bank teller.
a. describe an appropriate sample space for this experiment.
b. describe the event that it takes a customer between 2 and 3 minutes to complete his transactions.

2. what is the probability that a roulette ball will come to rest on an even number other than 0 or 00? (assume that there are 38 equally likely outcomes consisting of the numbers 1-36, 0, and 00)?

  • probability -

    your first question is too vague for me

    #2. There are 18 even numbers
    so the prob(even) = 18/38 = 9/19

    (note there would also be 18 odd numbers, for a prob(odd) = 9/19
    but 9/19 + 9/19 = 18/19 which is not 1.

    I once played this for about 1/2 hour by putting a chip on evens and a chip on odds. My win on one of them covered the loss on the other.
    So I was breaking even for quite a while, and received free drinks while playing, until the 00 came up, at which point I lost both chips and quit. )

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