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Can you give me steps on how to do this and can you do this problem so I can figure out the rest. Thanks so much.

Directions: Graph each pair of equations. Describe any similarities or differences and explain why they are a family graph.

1. y= 3x-2
y= -x-2

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    Could Someone Help Me Please

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    for each equation make a table of values of at least two ordered pairs, then graph each line

    first one:
    y = 3x - 2

    x y
    0 -2
    2 4

    notice that this line has a slope of 3 and a y-intercept of -2

    second one:
    y = -x - 2

    x y
    0 -2
    -4 2

    this one has a slope of -1, it should lean to the left, and a y-intercept of -2

    notice they intersect at (0,-2), so they would be part of a "family" of lines that pass through the common point (0,-2)

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    What do you mean by lean to the left



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