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these are reasons from a group of African Americans living in NC of why they want ot emigrate to Kansas:
i have to mark E for economic; P for political, and S for Social

1. We have not our rights in law. P
2. The old former masters to do not allow us anything for our labor...E
3. We have not our Right in the Election. We are defrauded by our former masters. P
4. We have not no (rights) to make an honest and humble living. E
5. There is no use for the Colored to go to law after their Rights; not one out of 50 gets his Rights. S
6. The Ku (Klux)Reigns...S
7. We Want to Get to a land Where we can Vote and it not be a Crime to the Colored Voters..P
8. Wages is very low (here). E

thanks for checking

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    I agree with all except 5. Legal rights are political in nature.

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    thanks alot

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    On a follow up note to this, where does one draw the line between politics, society, and economics?! Aren't they all culturally intertwined in some way?!

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    Yes, that's true if you think of it in that way :)

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