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Which feature helps to identify a landscape that been developed mostly by stream action?

1 marine terraces well above sea level
2 sand dunes and other coastal deposits
3 "V" shaped valleys and little soil
4 parallel hills and unsorted sediments.

isnt the answer 1

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    I think the correct answer is 3

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    marine terraces are formed by the erosion of rock by wave action. (waves hitting the exposed rock)

    sand dunes aer formed by wind erosion.

    parallel hills, I'm not sure about but apparently they can be foremed by melting glacial ice (and thus they can have unsorted sediment)

    V shaped valleys would be my guess, since if you imagine a stream cutting into a rock formation (example: grand canyon) it would form this shape.

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    Yes, 3. is the answer. 1 is caused by coastal wave action and uplifting.

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