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graph the following 2 graphs - y=2x+3 and y=2x-4.

a)state the intersections on the y axis and the x axis.

b)what is the vertical and horizontal difference between the two graphs?

PLEASE help i don't understand? I know how to graph the eqautions but not too sure about the intersections on the y and x axis and i have no clue on part B. help please

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    The y = 2x -4 line intercepts the y axis at y = -4, and intersects the x axis at x = 2. You could verify that from your graphs, or by setting x = 0 and then y = 0 and solving for the other variable.

    Since the lines intersect, I don't know what they mean by the distance between the two graphs (lines). It depends upon where you measure it.

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    these lines don't intersect, there parrallel. soo..?

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