Social Studies (Mrs. Sue I redid the 4 paragraphs)

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I need someone to check this over thanks. I'm in 9th grade could you please give me a letter grade thanks

City Goes Hungry

Supporting this article will be very difficult because St. Louisans aren't getting any money from the state lawmakers. But on the bright side of everything, rural Missourians revieve a minimum amount of money to build new roads, and also lawmakers are going to possibly expand Highway 141. Building new roads for rural Missourians will help them because emergency vehicals can get to, and from their destination, easier. Also, they don't have to worry about potholes, and bumps. Expanding Highway 141 will help relieve the North, and South traffic, to make it easier for Missourians.
Secondly, I support this article because right now roads are being destroyed, and scraped upon, and the rural areas need better ones. Rural areas need better roads because there much safer to travel upon. I also support this article because every second there is an accident, and with better roads it will decrease the accidents. Trying to support this article was hard, but I have my positive thoughts about the situation. These are my opinions on supporting the article.

Non supporting this aticle is easier because St. Louisans deserve more money than the rural areas of Missouri. The lawmakers need to rethink their decision, and try to realize that St. Louisans are hurting espcially during these economic times. St. Louisans need better schools, bridges, forms of energy, and roads. I believe St. Louisans are being treated unfairly, because our city should have gotten an amount that wuld of help St. Louisans have a better lifestyle. Lawmakers made a bad judgement to throw our money to roads that are unecessary in the rural areas.

Secondly, I non support this article because the money should go to better, and more needed causes. Instead of wasting it on bad, and unimportant things it should go to things we need to live off of. Lawmakers should rethink, and be generous to give St. Louis half of the money. St. Louis should be treated fairly, and we need to speak up about his situation because lawmakers need to hear what we want. These are my opinions on why I don't support this article.

  • Social Studies (Mrs. Sue I redid the 4 paragraphs) -

    Also, the teacher's assignment is take a political issue from the newspaper about Missouri write 2 paragraphs to support the article, and 2 paragraphs to not support the article.

  • Social Studies (Mrs. Sue I redid the 4 paragraphs) -

    You apparently didn't heed my advice.

    non support is not an acceptable term

    scraped is not explained

    bad things is not specific nor accurate

    In addition, I found 5 spelling, 3 punctuation, and 2 each capitalization and grammatical errors.

    My grade is is D+.

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