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I'm trying to come up with a title for my essay and it can't be more than four words? The topic was "war as a social disease". Everything that I come up with is longer than four words? Any ideas on how I can go about this. I hate when their is a limit of words that you have to use.

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    War: A Social Disease

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    He wants us to come up with something creative without really using the topic so much. That's the hard part

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    No Vaccine for War

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    Would A Vaccine for War be a better title because in the essay we had to find the root problem of war as as a social disease and then find a solution on how to fix the problem?

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    Yes, if you really emphasize how fear can be eliminated.

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    No the only time I emphasize fear throughout my paper is in my second paragraph when I state that it's my root principle of war and give reasons why

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    Have you emphasized how non-conformity is a "vaccine" against war as a social disease?

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    No not yet. That paragraph is war as a social disease versus non-conformity. Then through the process of elimination I eliminate everything that does not change my original conflict. Until I find the viable problem to the original conflict. The viable problem that I have is social norms. Then I have to give a detailed solution

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    I suggest you wait, if possible, for a title for your paper. You may want to tie the title in with your thesis sentence.

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    My thesis is War as a social disese is influenced by many factors but the primary cause is fear.

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    Fear Causes War

    The Causes of War

    I suggest you wait and let possible titles jell a bit before you decide.

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    Okay Thank You

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