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what is whole/part logic according to Socrates, and how does it differ from whole/moment logic?

I'm not sure if it is about that the whole needs parts or if the moment needs parts. Im confused.
If you can help thanks.

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    After trying to read this about that subject ,

    I am even more confused than you are. I'm glad I never studied philosophy.

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    Learning how to reason rationally and critically is a skill and I am glad that I have acquired these talents from studying philosophy. I roll my eyes at you, drwls, as I click Post Answer . . .

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    It is profoundly to be wished that the acquired philosophy talent can be used to answer the question asked by Deen

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    Good, Brandon, answer the question then. Show us your reasoning that you have acquired. I read Mad magazine to acquire my reasoning skills, and it has served me well. But I cant answer that question above, it makes no sense to me.

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    drwls and bobpursley: I am merely countering what drwls said because it seemed like an attack on philosophy as a discipline. It is a worthy field even though it is challenging. How would reading Mad magazine do such a thing?! Even though I had never encountered material on this topic before now either, I felt that I should say something in defense of philosphy as a whole.

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