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I need a good attention grabber for the introduction of my paper was as a social disease? I was wondering if you think that this quote fits with the topic or have another one in mind that I could use.

War is a malignant disease, an idiocy, a prison, and the pain it
causes is beyond telling or meaning; but war was our condition
and our history, the place we had to live in.

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    Looks good to me. Who is the author?

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    Martha Gelhorn you think that it fits good with the topic though? So that's my attention grabber do I need to put a sentence after it explaining it?

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    Yes, that sentence is great for introducing your topic. It doesn't need an explanation, but you should have a transition sentence before going on. Also since you've found that fear is the prime cause of war, you should include that in your thesis statement.

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    That is another question that I have. I'm kind of confused on how to write my thesis because the essay was on war as a social disease and the three body paragraphs were Dissection/Nummeration/ Conflict/Problem/Solution, and Root Principle. How would I write it without clearing stating those three things.

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    I assume that your body paragraphs support your thesis that fear is the primary cause of war as a social disease.

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    In the introduction he wants us to have an attention grabber, define& qualify key aspects, and have a thesis?

    What does he mean to define & qualify key aspects?

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    You should explain how and why war is a social disease.

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    Thank you so much!!!

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    You're very welcome.

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