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2. Final Project: Bead Bar Systems Development Project
• Resources: Appendix A, Information Systems Technology
• Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum
• Plan a systems development project for the Bead Bar, using the seven standard systems development life cycle phases. Be sure to include the tasks required to implement your project in each phase.
• Write a 1400-1750 word paper in APA format detailing your plan, and include any charts, graphs, or other visual components that you feel would be helpful in illustrating your project.
• Use the headings/sections provided in Appendix A to organize your paper, as well as the specific requirements/topics to address in each section.
• Post your paper in your Individual forum.

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    Please only post your questions once. Repeating posts will not get a quicker response. In addition, it wastes our time looking over reposts that have already been answered in a previous post. (In your case, it is a later post.) Thank you.

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