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Fill in the brackets with a correct definite or indefinite article.

1. Nosotros somos (los) estudiantes de Buenos Aires.

2. Ellos son (los) amigos de Gisela.

3. Ustedes son (unas) personas estudiosas e inteligente.

4. Tu eres (el) hombre de Vallodolid.

Are they correct? If not, what is wrong with it?

Muchas Gracias

  • Spanish -

    #3 = e inteligente. This adjective must also be plural = inteligentes.

    #4 = tu This requies an accent mark: Tú

    Because it said a definite OR indefinite article, were t here additional instructions?

    1. Instead "We are (the) students from Buenos Aires." you could also say "We are SOME (unos).....

    2. "They are (the) friends" could also be "They are SOME (unos)

    3. I would not change this one unless you were saying "some"

    4. "You are THE man from Vallodolid" could also be "You are A man = un

    el/la/los/las = either not translated or translated as THE

    un/una/unos/unas = either translated as a, an or SOME/ANY (in the plural)


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