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Could you please give me a link to facts on how to increase state jobs and money, and if you have any facts of your own you may write them also. Thanks please hurry because I'm going to go to sleep soon!

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    You are not by any chance Governor Schwarzenegger, are you?

    States get money by taxation, and to increase revenues, it takes a vibrant economy so businesses can be taxes, and sales can be taxed. The state has to get folks to work, that is the only way.

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    If anyone knew how to successfully do it, we would all be happy.

    There are many ideas -- but most states have not been able to succeed in increasing state jobs and money.

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    Is there any links to facts or no. Your advice was very helpful but I think I need more. And I'm not Governor Schwarzenegger (I wish though).

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    There are no links to facts.

    If there were "facts" about increasing jobs and money, we wouldn't have a problem.

  • To: Bob and Mrs. Sue -

    Thanks for helping! But could I get one more favor from you all. I have to write a one page paper about if I were governor how would I increase jobs,and money. Just from your opinions how would you I just need to get some ideas. (I know it's from my point of view but I need some more advice, and a different point of view from you all.)

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    If I were governor of Michigan, my home state, I'd raise taxes and then loan the money to the auto industry to produce inexpensive and efficient cars. I'd also make sure that the management of these companies received reasonable salaries, not huge, obscene monetary rewards. That would greatly increase jobs in our state.

    Of course, getting such a proposal through the legislature is another matter entirely.

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    I'd also pour money into fixing roads and bridges -- employing more people. Of course, this would demand a sacrifice on the part of people who are in the upper middle and upper classes plus the successful businesses.

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