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religion.. (is this correct.)

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How are newer religions different from older ones? How are they similar?

The older religions had to believe in a certain belief. if they did not beleive in that belief they would end up getting punished. I know there is a country that if you get caught stealing they would end up cutting off your fingers. if you end up getting caught again they would cut off another finger. so on so forth. Both older religions and newer religions believe in deity.

  • religion.. (is this correct.) -


    Please go back and read my answer to your other post -- and be sure to read your text materials.

  • religion.. (is this correct.) -

    It would depend on the religion and where you live! People claiming to be Christian did do some bad things... but then they were strongly misled by the Roman Catholic Church or they were not true Christians. Islam today teaches to kill as it did hundreds of years ago. WHile Christians, Catholics, and Islams have all done some bad things, Catholocism no longer does, Christianity no longer does, and Islam still kills people.
    The difference is in Cath. and Christ. though niether do bad things anymore, cath. taught it was once ok, and the christian bible never says its ok. the quaran says it is

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