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The following date were obtained for the reaction
2ClO2(aq)+2OH(aq)->ClO_3^-(aq)+ClO_2^-(aq) + H2O(l)

where rate= delta[ClO_2]/ delta t

[ClO_2]0 [OH^-1]0 Initial Rate
(mol/L) (mol/L) (mol/L*s)
.0500 .100 5.75*10^-2
.100 .100 2.30*10^-1
.100 .050 1.15*10^-1

a) Determin the rate law and the value of the rate constant

b)What would be the initial rate for an expereiment with [ClO_2]0= 1.175mol/L and [OH^-1]0= .0844mol/L?

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    If you don't have this problem worked yet, please repost on today's board but also show what work you have done on it as well as telling us exactly what you don't understand about it.

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