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There are many reasons why a person should go to college, aside from receiving a college degree. Many people have their own personal beliefs about why a person should attend college but I will share my own views on why college is important. The reasons I feel are most important are job opportunities after receiving a degree, the atmosphere of college that promotes socialization, and to improve my intelligence.
When a young person enters the world after high school things tend to change for them. They either go on to college or get a job. Either they got to do something to earn an income. That’s where reality hits, I end up working some crappy job or I finish college and start a career I’m going to love, and one kind of sounded better to me. That’s why I should go to college or at least to goof of for a while before getting a job.
The another reason why I should go to college is to meet new people. Many people meet new friends and some may even run into old ones. Friends are important to have because they are there for me when I need them most. Most people move away to go to college so by meeting new friends this makes the transition of being away from home a little easier to deal with. Therefore, meeting new people is very important in life. Another reason why meeting new people is so important is that after high school, friends split up and their own ways.
I believe that one should at least explore the option of going to college at some point in their education. Higher education opens so many doors and gives you the opportunity to examine your options in life, such as your career, where do you want to work, how much you want to get paid and so forth. A good education gives you these options and gives you a better opportunity to succeed in life. At the same time I believe higher education extends your knowledge and allows you to grow as a person. I also believe that a good education can help us secure our future. It gives us the opportunity to have a career in the field of our choice.
In conclusion, I need to go to college and receive a higher education so that I won’t find myself working somewhere that I don’t want to be or working in some factory. There are many more reasons why a person should go to college, but these are my top reasons.

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