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South America is a realm of diverse cultural landscapes and numerous immigrant sources. Some countries that are relatively homogeneous culturally, such as Columbia and Venezuela, are as divided politically and economically as are other countries with strong and obvious cultural geographic divisions such as Peru and Bolivia. In virtually all South American countries, such divisions have slowed development and hampered national integration. What do you see as the best solution(s) for the realm and its states as they seek to overcome these historic obstacles? What evidence is there on the continent of "what works" and what does not?

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    some solutions are to continue the democracy. working hard to keep a government for the people and works to help better them is key. Colombia's past has had the rich against the poor. this does not help polotically nor economically. drug cartels are taking over and the governement needs to be there to stop them. In venezuela the governement had benefited completely from the oil. nothing went back to the people. Bolivia is all hispanic. amerindian forced to work in mines..not fair. the government mistreats the people. In the end it comes down to democracy or no decmocracy. the governement greatly affects each country.

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