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For my last point before i explain my root principle fear (the main cause of war) im using why greed isn't the main cause of war and I need some other things to add. This is what I have so far. I need to add more.

Greed isn't the root principle because in every war allies have a strong desire to want more than they really need. They don't care what others may think of them, but always continue on with their selfish desires. War in general contains numerous amounts of greed from rivalries and that greed then rubs off to others as a contagious disease.

  • Ms. Sue English -

    It seems to me you've argued that greed is a cause of war.

    Also -- your use of "allies" in the first sentence is confusing. What do you mean?

    Isn't greed, perhaps, a secondary cause of war?

    Since you're arguing that fear is the root cause, you need to explain thoroughly what warring nations fear.

    Do they fear attack on their homeland and people? The U.S. entered WWII because of an attack on Pearl Harbor and feared that Japan might attack our mainland. It feared that if our European allies were conquered by Germany, that we'd lose our trade status with them. Former president Bush claimed that fear for the U.S. safety after 9/11 caused our attempt to conquer Iraq and get rid of its supposed "weapons of mass destruction."

    Do they fear loss of power? Germany had lost its influence, power, and some territory after WWI. It sought to regain that power and land by starting WWII. But didn't greed play a part in Germany's motivation?

    Do they fear a loss of resources and thus an economic crisis? Did the U.S. invade Iraq to gain control of its oil reserves? Was that greed or fear?

  • Ms. Sue English -

    Thank so much for you help. This assignment has been really confusing and stressful over the past few days. It's crazy on how we have to change different concepts and viewpoints for every paragraph. And the sad part is that each one of our paragraphs has to be at least two pages long and it's only a five paragraph essay.

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