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please check these:
In which of the following sentences is WORK used in the scientific sense of the word?

a. holding a heavy box requires a lot of work
b. a scientist works on an experiment in the laboratory
c. sam and rachel pushed hard, but they could do no work on the car
d. john learned that shoveling snow is hard work

i believe its C

What is the common fomula for work? Assume that W is the work, F is a constant force, delta V is the change in velocity, and d is the displacement
a. W=FdeltaV
b. W=Fd
c. W=Fd^2
d. W=F^2d

i think its A

A child moving at constant velocity carries a 2 N ice-cream cone 1 m across a level surface. What is the net work doneon the ice-cream?

is it 2 J?

thanks for helping

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    You are wrong on all three.

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    i don't understand?

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    never mind i get it
    i've been writing the wrong answers


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