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Write the correct form of ser.

Tu y tus padres________________de Puerto Rico?

Which is the correct form?

'son' or 'sois'

and why?

Muchas Gracias

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    This would depend upon whether you are using usted/ustedes = son OR vosotros = sois.

    Many textbooks do not even teach the vosotros/vosotras (familiar plural) form. Without knowing which textbook you have, or what your class is learning, I can not guess which is best for you1


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    To add to Sra's answer, much of this depends on where the language is spoken. There are not many areas that use the Vosotros form.

    The way I learned in high school is to use the vosotros form there. This is because the "tu" is informal. When I got to college, my professors wanted me to use more the Ustedes form to designate any plural "you." They didn't mind that I used vosotros, but you could tell they preferred the Uds.

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    He's alive! Is he well? We've missed you here, Matt. Hope all is fine.


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