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In the Jeeter family, Jason is the oldest,his sister, Barbara, is the middle child, and Chloe is the ''baby''. Which statement about the Jeeters and their cildren is most likely to be accurate?
A the Jeeter parents were probably more strict with Barbara than with Jason.
B Jason will probably have low self-esteem than either Barbara or Chloe
C Barbara is more likely to have lower self-esteem than Jason
D Jason is likely to be more aggressive in seeking out attention than either Barbara or Chloe.

i believe the correct is C

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    Well, it is probably the best answer A, B, D are clearly wrong.

    Here is a quote that is worth reading
    <<The greater attention and encouragement from parents should contribute to first-borns' greater sense of worth and importance; and first-borns' typically greater power and competence compared with younger siblings should result in more favorable social comparisons. Research, however, provides only modest (and inconsistent) support for these expectations (Blake 1989). Oldest and only children do seem to have higher self-esteem than later-born children, but the differences are not significant. The effects of birth order may be suppressed or mitigated by the influence of several other features of the sibling system, such as sex composition of the sibling order, child spacing, family size, age and sex of target child, and age and sex of next oldest sibling. Without taking into account the effect of these other variables, the influence of birth order on self-esteem may largely disappear (Gecas and Pasley 1983).>>

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