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Enuresis is to bladder control as encompresis is to
A bed-wetting
B diuretics
C soiling
D antidiuretis

i think the correct answer is C

regarding the brains plasility, which of the following statements is most accurate?
A it takes place when myelination fails
B it involves the steady replacement of dendrites by axons
C it increases as we get older
D it's enhanced by dendrite ''sprouting''

i believe the correct is D

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    Here is a GOOGLE Search on #1


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    Genia, from what I can see, you have the best answers in both cases. However, enuresis is a failure of bladder control, but encopresis is not a failure of soiling. Even so, it seems like the best answer. Enuresis is bed-wetting, diuretics make you more likely to get rid of fluids, and antidiuretics would maintain bodily fluids.

    Plasticity is caused by increased connections between neurons, which leads me to D. Failing myelination would lead to slower impulses, plasticity decreases as we get older, and the dendrites do not replace the axons for plasticity.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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