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"The Girl Who Wouldn't Talk"
the narrator's attitude in this story when she begins to antagonize the quiet girl is that the quiet girl
a. is deliberately trying to make the narrator mad
b. needs a companion to talk to
c. is not very intelligent
d. is weak and needs to be toughened up

i think it could be either C or D
i don't know which one is better

Which of the following statements best describes the narrator's internal conflict in this story?
a. she wants everyone to know she is tough and indpendent
b. she wants to be friendly to the quiet gir, but she cant be
c. she wants to be strong and self-possesed, but she sees herself as weak and fragile
d. she believes it's her duty to get to the quiet girl to talk.

i choes A

PLEEASE comment on my answers

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    Since we have not read that particular story, we cannot make an accurate choice. Sorry. Thanks for asking.

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