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i have to write an evaluative essay on a work of literature. i have chosen Hiroshima; The Noiseless Flash.
in this essay i will write my own statement about the value of a work of literature ( ? ) and then provide reasons why your evalutation is correct and evidence to suport those reasons.
i don't really understand what i have to write. what does it mean "statement about a value of work.."

my prewriting exercise says
firste: take notes about points that strike you, and flag quotes you think are significant...i don't get it. i've read the story..but what exactly am i suppose to write at this part..anything that catches my attention? i think this is confusing me because i don't even know what my overall essay is supose to be about ( what i tought of the story? my opinion?)

my second exercse says: write two quick paragraphs or a list about your work. put your opinion of the work firt and then add specific reasons why you feel the way you do.

please help me better understand my task and what i have to do

thank you for your opinions

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    Scroll down almost to the bottom of the webpage, and find the paragraph that starts, "In the section called 'Evaluative Essays,' ..."

    Click on the link for the essay on "Kubla Khan" and read it. Then click on the Archive of Students' Sample Papers. These will give you an excellent idea of what to do.

    The value of a piece of literature is in how you react to it, as well as what other people think about it.

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    thank you Writeacher

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    You're very welcome!

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