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Pourriez-vous me dire, s'il vous plait, quand on dit "demeurer" et quand "habiter"?

je demeure (à) Paris ?
j'habite (à) Paris ?

Merci beaucoup!

  • FRENCH -

    one more question, please.
    Do I need to say "il veut me dire..."
    or could I also say "il me veut dire..."

    Thank you

  • FRENCH -

    Beginning with "il veut me dire" = he wishes to say TO ME...The object-pronoun is the object of the infinitive. vs "il me veut dire..." = He wants ME to say... Now the object is the object of the verb wish/want. See the difference?

    demeurer = to reside, dwell; to stay, remain

    habiter = to live in, in habit; to live, reside

    So it will be your choice! They are synonyms. Possibly it's easier to say "habiter" so you might hear it more.

    Sra (aka Mme)

  • FRENCH -

    Merci beaucoup!!

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