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I had posted a serious letter of a real situation that happenned. I sm trying to write this letter for that reason. I am not sure where it will seem like an excuse if i bring the forms. please suggest a better way of writing the letter.

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    Thanks for clarifying your situation.

    Your excuses for not calling are awfully weak. You tried once to call but didn't try again and again until you reached someone? Your phone service was out later? What about a neighbor's phone or a cell phone?

    Also, most employers wouldn't accept that a girlfriend with the flu merited you taking time off from work. People with the flu generally spend the time in bed and get up only to take a drink of water and go to the bathroom.

    If those are the facts, about the only thing you can say is that you made a mistake and you're sorry that you didn't try harder to call. I don't think a doctor's excuses for your girlfriend will carry any weight with your employer.

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    At The Moment I Found It More Important To Stay Home and Take Care of My girlfriend Whos Pregnant and Cought the Flu Then Attempting To find Ways To get Ahold Of My job To Be truely Honest With You. That is the Main Reasson Why I found It Hard To Write A letter To excuse My Absence At Work

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    I appreciate your honesty.

    Perhaps your employer will take pity on you if you explain it that way and promise it won't happen again. If this is your first no-show on your job, s/he might take take pity on you. On the other hand, s/he might fire you on the grounds that your lack of work ethics is detrimental to the business.

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    Do you think that I should explain this in person rather than in the form of a letter?

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    Yes, definitely! Explain it in person. But be sure to be honest.

    Good luck. I hope you keep your job.

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    Thank you Ms. Sue.

  • Ms, Sue please respond -

    You're welcome, Manny.

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