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Consider the following unbalanced reaction.

P4(s) + 6F2(g) 4PF3(g)

How many grams of F2 are needed to produce 114. g of PF3 if the reaction has a 78.1% yield?

i tried it and got this

114g PF3 x (mol PF3/87.97g PF3) x (6 mol F2/ mol PF3) x (38g F2/mol F2)=73.9gF2

then plugged it into the % yield equation and got 57.7

what did i do wrong??

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    You're ok as far as you went but you didn't do the % yield right.
    If the yield is only 78.1%, then you know that you must take MORE, not less than 73.9.
    73.9/0.781 = ??

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