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Why did the Pilgrims become friends with the Wampanoag?

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    When the Pilgrims first settled on Plymouth, Massachusetts they were seeking freedom of religion. The were sick of the English making them praise only a religion that the English accepted. They wanted to praise what they felt was right. When they got to Massachusetts, it was only by mistake. The Pilgrims were actually looking for Virginia, but a storm pushed them off course. Even though they did not intend to go to Massachusetts, they were happy they did.

    The Pilgrims had already had good supplies, animals, food, and tools so they set out to work immediately. They built their homes, but didn‛t know how to harvest. But soon a Indian named Samoset helped them and persuaded the other Wampanoag Indians to like the Pilgrims by translating the Pilgrims‛ greetings to the Wampanoag.

    The Wampanoag so became friends with the pilgrims and helped them become adjusted to the Indian way of life. The Wampanoag helped the Pilgrims fish, hunt, and harvest. The year then was in the 1620‛s. In 1627, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag had finally had a successful harvest. It was so successful that the Pilgrims had enough food to last them their entire stay.

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    The Wampanoag had helped thePilgrims when they arrived alot. They showed the Pilgrims good hunting and fishing locations and how to harvest many different tyes of food. In 1627, they had a successful harvest. They had so much leftover food they al decicded to celebrate, with the food they had. This celebration is now called Thanksgiving.

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    after they helped them

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