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please check:
1. How did the Jacksonian Democrats differ from the National Republicans?
A. They opposed government interference with the economy.
b. They thought the federal government should control business.
c. They supported a high tariff on foreign goods.
d. They favored a national bank for the U.S.

i chose A

2. What issue became a major problem for the U.S. government after the Mexican War?
a. whether slavery should be allowed in the western territories.
b. whether Mormons should be allowed in Utah
c. whether the U.S. should annex Texas
d. whether Americans should migrate to Mexico's northern territories

i chose A

3. What factors explain the increase from both countries(germany, and ireland) to the U.S. in 1821-1860?
escape from famine and revolution in Europe {political freedom}

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    Yes! All of your answers are correct.

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