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I need to write a thrid- person narrative about someone. I wrote the beginning and I was wondering if this was good enough to be a paragraph?

Saying that she is my hero would be an understatement. She is so much more than that; she is the definition of inspiration, ambition, bravery and love. If there were one thing that I’ve ever wanted to achieve in my life, it would be to become at least half the person that she is.

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    You're writing this from a first-person point of view -- not a third person point of view.

    You could change it to something like this.

    She is a hero to many. . . . Others strive to become at least half the person that she is.

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    But i`m talking about her. She's supposed to be my main character. In thrid-person narrative I thought you could you I to describe the narrator.

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    A third-person narrative never uses "I" unless it's in quotes and the subject (third-person) is talking.

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    So I can't you 'is' when i`m referring to myself. like she is my hero.

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    You can use 'is,' but you can't use any form of "I" -- my, me, or mine.

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    ok, thanks so so much :)

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    You're welcome.

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    wash your hair

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