8th Grade Space and Earth Science

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I have two questions about my study guide for my science test tomorrow.
Thank you for any answers that I can get!

How does the atmosphere give evidence for divine design?

How can a satellite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the ionosphere?

Perspiration evaporates quickly if the relative humidity is:

Cool, clear weather is usually associated with:

Those are all my questions...once again, thank you!!!

  • 8th Grade Science - PLEASE help me??- -

    My test is tomorrow!!!! Please help me with these. :)

  • 8th Grade Space and Earth Science -


  • 8th Grade Space and Earth Science -


  • 8th Grade Space and Earth Science -

    Need help with these questions its so hard, here are the questions: How is heat transfer demonstratedin the Interior of the Earth? and How is heat transfer demonstrated in Earths oceans?

  • 8th Grade Space and Earth Science -

    what is earth science??

  • 8th Grade Space and Earth Science -

    ok yall all need help right ok so go up ur ass around the corner u

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