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I wrote this poem and I was asking if it sounded good. Also it's a true poem dedicated to my deceased Grandfather.

Remember when

Remember when you told me
That you'll always be by my side
Remember when you told me
Brave girls never cry
Remember when you sang
A sweet song in my ear
Remember when you tucked me in
And always said a prayer
Remember when you gave me
A gift I would always treasure
Remember when I held the doll tight
She would always make me feel better
Remember when we smiled
It was a loving touch
Remember when I told you
That I loved you so much
Remember when I prayed
Now as you lay in God's care forever
Remember when I told you
That were always going to be together

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    This poem is very lovely. It sounds wonderful. Your grandfather would be proud.

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    A Good Poem$lovly I Don't No Wath I say

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