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college: western Literature

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I have a paper to write on a modest proposal. Here is the actual assignment. in a 3-5 page essay, defend and support the idess Swift proposed in "A Modest Proposal". You must include modern examples and experience to develop your ideas as well as include discussions of swifts orignial essay. Your tone maybe either serious or satirical. THis is not merely a summary of and/or a reaction to the essay. It is a paper showing agreement with his ideas and working them out in modern times for a modern audience with modern concerns.

ok here is my question. I want to focus my paper on the use of welfare and how swifts proposal will work for that. Like for example one topic would be single parents and another topic would be people with a lot of children (with and without using invtro fertilization)and then the 3rd topic would be people who just have children for the sake of it and use the money for other things. I'm not sure if I am on the right track or not. Any help is aprreciated. thank you

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