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What contribution did Stephen Austin make to Texas?

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    He really rankiled my ansestors here in Texas, they moved out of his blankedy-blank colony, moved North into the Spanish land grant near Onion Creek, and I live there today. Austin had his own agenda, as did the independent sort he gathered together. My family split with him in 1836, over his preferential treatment on land grants to those he favored, his loyalty to Mexico, and slavery. You can read about it here:
    I still live on Onion Creek in Central Texas.
    As a side note, Austin was given almost total power over the colonists, almost that of a king. He could not impose the death penalty, however, without the approval of the Spanish/Mexican governorship in San Antonio, but all other power was his.

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    -he blazed the Sante Fe Trail

    -he led the first organized group of American settlers into Texas

    -he led the Texans in their fight for independenct from Mexico


    -he fought and died at the Battle of the Alamo

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    I like Bobpursley's answer -- although it isn't one of your choices. Check this site.


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    i think the answer is B

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    He did not fight at the Alamo, one of my ancestors did (Bowie). Austin wasn't there, he was ...traveling outside of Texas...He was in New Orleans when Houston defeated Santa Anna. He certainly did not led Texans in their fight for independence, and he in his coattails would have never blazed the Santa Fe Trail (who did that? (Hint: He moved to Texas in 1836, and joined a group of volunteers called the Red River Blues).
    So all that is left is the third bullet.

    Isn't history fun, when you actually decide to learn and live it?

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    oops, second bullet, as you chose. B.

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    my book says:
    Austin, 29 years old and a member of the Missouri territorial legislature, led the first organized group of American settlers into Texas in 1822.

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    Yes, that is answer B.

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