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i need help finding info. on Taoist... if they are pro or con on the following things... prayer in school, creationismv. evolution, studying woman's rights in the middle east, saying the pledge of allegiance, starting a gay or lesbian support group, and inter-racial dating.... That is what i need the info on ... PLease HELP ASAP>>>THANKS


    Taoism doesn't take a stand on any of these issues. However, individual Taoists may have widely varying views. Check these sites -- especially the section in the second one about Current Issues.


    so it would be cons all the way across



    Taoists are not pro or con on any of these issues. As group, they don't care! They should be ranked as neutral -- neither pro or con.


    now i need to to a summary on the similariites and differences among these religions



    You can make a chart of these similarities and differences and then summarize your chart.

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