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i have to write a 5-paragraph interpretive essay on the painting "Sleeping Gypsy" by Henri Rousseau. the important elements is my interpretation and supporting evidence. here's what i have so far, please check and add to if necessary:

The Sleeping Gypsy by Henri Rousseau was painted in 1897. The title shows the main focus of the painting. I think the Sleeping Gypsy is a description of the truth that is in our hearts and mind. The painting seems very interesting to me because I like the details in it. It's a little freaky how the gypsy has no idea about the lion right abover her. One of my theories is that his painting could just be the gypsy's dream.

The reason I think this could all be a dream is mostly because of the literal facts. The fact that there are no footprints in the sand, even though the lion must have come from somewhere, is on of them. Perhaps the lion symbolizes something the gypsy fears and is afraid to face in her life.
[ need more info in this paragraph ]

There are many different techniques used in this work to create the effect that we see. A variety of color is used on the gypsy. The brown is throughout the painting by the sand. There are different light and dark values of brown, going from dark brown to tan. The sky is a calm blue. Lines are used on the lion, especially on his mane. There is also use of line on the gypsy and her instrument. The texture throughout is smooth.

this is all i have so far.

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    When did you write this?

    Most successful students write a few paragraphs, let it sit for several hours, reread, edit/rewrite, and THEN show it to others for criticism.

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    Your assignment says to include "the important elements is my interpretation and supporting evidence." But I see very little interpretation or supporting evidence.

    "The painting seems very interesting to me because I like the details in it."
    Yet you do not name the details in the painting that are interesting to you. You have used slang ("freaky") to give your reaction, but then you refer to something that doesn't seem to be in the painting.

    Read this carefully:
    (Broken Link Removed)
    Follow directions.

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