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please check my answers to these 5 questions:
1. In "The Crucible", when Abigail threatens Betty, Abigail is motivated by her
a. jealousy of Betty's pampered life as the daughter of a minister
b. need for attention in the village because she is an orphan
c. fear of the villagers knowing everything they did in the woods
d. fear that Tituba will be accused of witchcraft

i picked C

2. In "The Crucible", what is unusual about the doll that Mary Warren makes for Elizabeth?
a. it has a needle stuck in its stomach
b. it looks like Abigail
c. Mary made it from corn shucks and shells
d. it looks like Elizabeth

i picked A

3. In "The Crucible", what secret does John Proctor reveal to prove the girls are lying?
a. He says that Abigail seeks vengeance
b. he confesses that he does not like Reverend Parris or the church
c. he says that Abigail told him that she was going to accuse Elizabeth
d. he says that he promised to marry Abigail if anything happened to Elizabeth

i picked A

4. In "The Crucible", how do the girls in the courtroom terrorize Marry Warren?
a. they give her a poppet that looks like her
b. they repeat everything that she says
c. they tell the court that she has cast a spell on John
d. they say that they see the Devil talking to her

i picked B

5. Which of the following is a strong motivation for John to tear up his confession?
a. his fear of eternal damnation if he swears to a lie
b. he wants to be courageous like Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey
c. He believse that he has to pay for his sin of adultery with Abigail
d. he believes that if he doesnt confess, he will save Elizabeth's life

i chose B

  • Literature;Crucible. -

    It's been far too long since I read this to remember such detail. If you are not confident of your answers, use one of these to check yourself:

    (Broken Link Removed)

  • Literature;Crucible. -

    i'm pretty sure about all of them, but if anyone can check them that would be nice

  • Literature;Crucible. -

    1. is right
    2. right
    3. right
    4. is b, they repeat eveything she says until she breaks down
    5. not sure, but i don't think its b
    just took the exam and i didn't get any wrong so i hope i helped:)

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