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please check these 7 answers on Huck Finn:
1. Huck goes along with the king and the duke until
a. they decide to steal from the Wilks sister
b. they sell Jim to the Phelps farm
c. they try to steal the raft
d. he realizes they aren't actually royal

i chose B

2. Huck believes the "civilized" people of his hometown will find him
a. courageous for helping Jim
b. shameful for helping Jim
c. shameful if he doesnt help Jim
d. ruthless if he turns Jim over to the authorities

i chose B

3. when Huck and Jim are separated in the fog, Jim tells Huck
a. he hoped to get away by himself on the raft
b. he planned to meet up with him down river
c. his heart was broken and he didn't care what happened
d. he lost the raft and they'll need to steal a new one

i chose C

4. Tom Sawyer's character represents
a. romanticism
b. realism
c. naturalism
d. hedonism

i chose A

5. A turning point for Huck's character comes when he
a. learns that Pap has died
b. finds out how to steer the path
c. apologizes to Jim
d. meets the king and the duke

i chose D

6. The climax of the novel comes when
a. Tom explains that Jim is free
b. the boys release Jim from the cabin
c. Huck "lights out for the Territory"
d. Huck decides he'd rather go to hell than turn Jim in

i think it's either A or D

7. When Tom arrives at the Phelps farm he pretends to be
a. Buck Sheperdson
b. Sid Sawyer
c. Huck Finn
d. Jo Harper

i chose B


  • Literature -

    I haven't read Huck Finn for decades. However, you should be able to check your answers by re-reading the story.

    I hope this helps a little. Thanks for asking.

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