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hmm how to write this in ur own words...

I do agree that this poem is like "the whoosh of the imagination at work".
Firstly, there is the style of writing in the poem. There is no punctuation at all in this poem. This shows how quickly the boy's imagination is working. He is trying to fit everything into his painting and he is thinking very quickly. For example:
"and some small animals to fill
in the gaps he worked all day had a bath this was Saturday."

Secondly, we know that the boy is actually interested in using and exercising his imagination. The title tells us that he is entering the painting into a competition and we also know that he is working hard. He works all day Saturday and Sunday and gets the bus into the city on Monday to hand in his painting. Working his imagination is important to him.

So I think that this poem is like "the whoosh of the imagination at work" because of the style of the writing and the attitude of the boy.

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