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functional design

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I am doing a power point of functional design for health care and am having trouble as this design is best used in small organizations but we are not doing a organization(like nursing homes or small offices) so what can i put for bullets in my slide for functional design with no name organization?But it has to be health care????? So confused please help. I am thinking like doctors, nurses, dietary these type of things. am I on the right path?

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    Yes, you're on the right track. Use your main points in each section for your bullet points.

    And if you are to give a presentation of your PP to your class, be sure to add details in your speech that are not included in the PP file.

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    okay this is what i came up with you get the drift on what it would look like on the power point and my speaker notes . will this be okay?
    functional design
    labor is divided up into the different departments.
    Charge Nurses
    Nurses Aids
    The clinical service of the organization with functional design is separated from other services of functional design services. Department Managers of a functional design service are most often the ones to have promotions through the organization because they have the technology of the functional areas. This enables decisions to be made in a centralized or hierarchical basis.
    Functional design in an organization is most appropriate in smaller organizations because it is of a relatively simple environment. Not much is done in this type of a design for advance medicines and new technology.

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    Only two things:

    1. the term is "Nurses' Aides"

    2. "Not much is done with this type of design for advanced medicine and new technology."

    The rest sounds fine.

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    okay thank you so much for your help

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    You're very welcome.


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