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a car is accelerating at a uniform rate of 0.85 m/s^2. what is the magnitude of the car's displacement as it accelerates uniformly from a speed of 83 km/h to one of 94 km/h?

i tried a formula that solves for displacement and uses initial and final velocity and acceleration..i got something like 1.28, but the real answer is 88 m

please tell me how to solve for this

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    Vf^2=Vi^2 + 2*acceleration * distance.
    Did you change km/h to m/s?

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    No. How can you change 94 km/h to m/s?

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    1 km/h = 1000m/3600s = ________ m/s

    Now you should be able to do the conversion for 94 km/h

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