posted by ZAC

i need to label a diagram of the drainage basin of the River Tees.
the words i have got to use are:-


Also i need to colour the diagram to show the relief of the drainage basin.

A)Shade the river and its tributaries in blue

B)Shade the boundary of the drainage basin in red.

i don`t understand what to do

  1. Writeacher

    This might help get you started, although your colors will be different:
    Scroll down until you see the graphic that has a variety of colors. Click on the up-arrow in its upper right corner to enlarge the graphic.

  2. Ms. Sue

    First, you need to understand the meanings of the words. This dictionary will help you.

    This diagram shows a labeled diagram of a drainage basin.

    And this map of the River Tees may also be useful.

  3. ZAC

    thanks so much for finding the links for me and taking the time to help.
    it has helped alot .
    thanks again!

  4. Ms. Sue

    You're very welcome, Zac. :-)

  5. abigail

    this is good

  6. emely

    I love a pas okay

  7. josh

    i will just give you a pass

  8. josh

    this didn't help me at all

  9. James

    Grade12 geography data handling answers for 2015

  10. James

    Explain why the importance of water quality should be a concern for every South Africa?

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