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I have to do an essay in spanish, but I need 150 words, and I only have 138. Can someone tell me how to say "my favorite band is" or "my favorite movie is" in Spanish? Or, can you give me ideas of what to include in my essay?

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    Not knowing what your subject matter was for your essay, it will be hard to expand it! But "my favorite band is" = mi banda favorita es... and "my favorite movie is" = mi película favorita es...

    After you mention the band and/or the movie you can tell more about it. When you want to expand any topic, remember the interrogative words: quién(-es), qué, dónde, por qué, cuánto, -a, -os, -as.


  • 7th grade spanish -

    mi favorita pelicula es mi favorita band es i am mexican so you can trust me on this just be sure to check my spelling i am a horibal writer. next time use a spanish english dictionary

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